How to Kill Frankenstein’s Monster

“Frankenstein,” written by Mary Shelley, is one of the founding blocks of science fiction, but beyond being a scary book and a harbinger of modern horror, this sci-fi classic has inspired dozens upon dozens of films, horror movies, and more. From the very first “Edison Frankenstein” 1910, to the classic Universal Pictures  “Frankenstein” 1931, played by the legendary Boris Karloff, this tale of a mad scientist and his monstrous creature has thrilled us for well over a century.

But beyond the classic Universal movies, which included “Bride of Frankenstein” and more, the scary films of the Frankenstein franchise have horrified us with every trailer, clip, and scene. On this episode of “How to Kill,” we dive into the more obscure corners of the horror industry, including “Victor Frankenstein,” “Frankenstein Unbound,” the Hammer Frankenstein films like “Curse of Frankenstein,” “Frankenstein Conquers The World,” featuring a kaiju modern Prometheus, and more. You might be saying “it’s alive,” but the monsters must be destroyed at all cost, before the Frankenstein kill count gets too high, even for 2018.  

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