How to Kill Freddy Krueger: A Brief History

NowThis correspondent Kya Quinn wants you to stay safe this Halloween season. Here’s her ‘How To’ guide on killing one of horror’s cruelest monsters, Freddy Krueger. “We’ll start with the obvious,” says Quinn, “Burn him alive.” If you’re at all familiar with Freddy’s story though, you know that fire alone won’t get the job done. So when flames aren’t enough, one way to kill the dream-haunting maniac is through the ‘Power of Disbelief’. The thing about Mr. Kreuger is, he’s immortal in his own world but when brought into actual reality, he’s vulnerable. He’s fueled by our fear so if we stop being afraid, dude has no power any more. But if that doesn’t work - just give him a lil’ kiss on the mouth. Make sense? One thing you should know: Freddy can possess the body of normal humans, so if that’s the Freddy you find yourself up against, just kill him with kindness…literally. Remind the person he possessed that they’re not actually a murderous psychopath and Kreuger loses his power over them. Then he dies at the hands of the power of love. If none of that stuff works, bury him. Turns out that the Kreugs can be put away for keeps if he’s buried on Holy ground, but as with any good super-monster, he’ll probably end up coming back to life. If that happens, take him out with rhyming, more specifically, the Dream Master Rhyme. If all of that fails, just do what his long lost daughter does in ‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,” - blow him up with a pipe bomb.