How to Kill Godzilla


It’s the biggest episode of How to Kill ever, as Kya Quinn tackles the jolly green Japanese giant known as Godzilla!

Godzilla, King of the Monsters, is maybe the most formidable monster in all of cinema. Starting with the original Gojira in 1954, the monster went on to terrorize many frightened crowds and fight countless kaiju in his unending quest to become king. There have been lots of different takes and twists throughout the Godzilla movies, but no matter what incarnation of the monster you meet, odds are the kill count will be high, except for the big G himself.

Figuring out how to kill Godzilla has plagued humanity for over sixty years, and the giant scaly behemoth’s death isn’t awarded easily — however, there have been a few occasions where Godzilla is actually killed. We have yet to see what the Monsterverse Godzilla has in store for us in the upcoming Godzilla King of the Monsters, but every scene we’ve seen thus far has shown an even bigger and badder version of the movie beast. He also seems to be on humanity’s side — but in case he does go rogue, NowThis Nerd’s Kya will be here to put an end to him.

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