How To Kill Jaws

 “Jaws,” the legendary blockbuster by Steven Spielberg, is considered a thriller, as well as a horror movie, an action movie, and a suspense movie. But above all else, the film showed how scary sharks and a shark attack could be, long before Shark Week 2018. Shark Week notwithstanding, the “Jaws” movie was the first film that really solidified our fear of the great white shark, and the sequels that followed it. There have also been thousands of shark videos that have sprung up in their wake, which have only fueled the feeding frenzy.

The kill count increased throughout the series, but every individual Jaws scene, clip, or trailer can’t truly capture the terror of the seminal shark movie. The “Jaws” shark is actually a misnomer, since there were different sharks throughout the series, not to mention the Jaws game and Jaws the Ride at Universal Studios. When it comes to Jaws, best scene or no, the explosive endings are always super satisfying, so if you’re ever afraid to go back in the water, just remember our video on How to Kill “Jaws.”

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