How to Kill Resident Evil B.O.W.s

Lickers have you licked? Tyrants giving you a tough time? Fear not, because Moose is here with an itchy, tasty guide on how to kill the mutant monstrosities from the “Resident Evil” franchise!

When it comes to “Resident Evil,” the sprawling saga from Capcom is most defined by its memorable zombies, monsters, and big, bad bosses. But from the original “Resident Evil,” to the brand new 2019 “Resident Evil 2 “remake, you’ll be facing foes far more fearsome than a mere zombie.

There are lickers, hunters, tyrants, and more out to get you — not to mention Mr X, Nemesis, Albert Wesker, and even deadlier threats courtesy of the Umbrella corporation. Some of the most creepy, scary moments in all horror games come from battling the biohazard bosses. Leon, Claire, Chris, Jill, and Ada are far from defenseless, however, and neither are you when gaming in the mutant-filled world. Explained in this video are some of the tropes and time-tested methods of delivering deaths and kills to “Resident Evil” bosses throughout history — from gaming to movies and more. Afterall, watching gameplay or a trailer can’t possible convey the horror of the RE franchise.

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