How to Kill the Thing

‘The Thing’ is one of the goriest movies ever made, so you don’t want to fall prey to this shape-shifting alien creature — here’s how to kill The Thing.

Watch the skies and wax your flamethrowers, because Kya Quinn is here to tell you How to Kill the Thing!

John Carpenter’s The Thing, the 1982 sci-fi horror movie starring Kurt Russell and Keith David, is a prime example of the scary, creepy alien terror of body horror. Among horror movies, it’s got a reputation as one of the goriest movies ever made, with incredible effects by Rob Bottin and Stan Winston. In The Thing 1982, John Carpenters mastery of atmosphere shines through as the Thing monster racks up an impressive body count. 

No amount of kills in the kill count can make up for a forgettable monster, and luckily the Thing alien delivers in spades. Each of the Thing sightings sets a new high mark for horror. And while The Thing 2011 movie, which was a prequel, doesn’t quite live up to the John Carpenter version, both are still more memorable than the original 1951 film. They’re all excellent horror movies, and prime examples of scifi and horror mixing to create a terrifying new sub-genre.

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