How to Kill Xenomorphs

How do you kill Xenomorphs?

These deadly space aliens have picked off plenty of victims in the “Alien,” and adapt different traits depending on their “hosts” DNA. This means that no two aliens are alike. If you’re stranded on a space ship, the rest of your crew is cocooned or dead and an alien is after you, keep these tips in mind.

First of all, don’t shoot one because their bodies are full of acid. If you’re floating through space on a vessel, it would probably be easiest to blow it out the airlock.

They’ve also shown vulnerability toward extreme temperatures. Flamethrowers are a popular weapon against the space creatures. Extreme thermal shock also helps — if you heat them up then get them cold, they tend to blow up in a fantastic gory mess.

They also seem to have weakness in numbers. There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of Xenomorphs crawling around and how difficult they are to kill — or maybe that could just be a plot device.

The first one in the original movie was nearly impossible to kill. But the more there were in sequels, the easier it seemed to be to kill them.

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