How World of Warcraft Changed the Game

We stopped playing 'Battle for Azeroth' just long enough to explore how 'World of Warcraft' has revolutionized gaming over the years.

Throughout the history of World of Warcraft, the revolutionary MMORPG has amassed hundreds of millions of players, more than any game in the history of the World. Warcraft history begins with Blizzard, who turned their classic RTS into the game-changing MMO that blew away everything that came before. In this WoW retrospective, we explore the evolution of WoW and what set it apart from its predecessors. From the trademark Blizzard cinematic touch to every world shattering expansion, including the upcoming World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, every legendary WoW trailer rekindles the fires of fandom that may never be extinguished.

From the gameplay to the World of Warcraft lore, the evolution of World of Warcraft is the story of how games and gaming evolved in the digital age, and our video essay will give you an overview on why WoW is so important. Blizzard Entertainment revolutionized the way we interact in the digital space, and throughout the World of Azeroth, legends like Leeroy Jenkins and the South Park Warcraft episode, Make Love Not Warcraft, have exploded into the mainstream. But beyond the South Park WoW, the Warcraft movie, and countless other pop culture icons, WoW is first and foremost the most important MMORPG in history.

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