Iron Man's Armor: Making a Mark on the MCU

Between his comic books, movies and television series appearances, there are hundreds of variations of Tony Stark’s Iron Man.
The Avengers character has definitely evolved a lot during his time in the Marvel universe. Iron Man’s armor is undoubtedly hi-tech, and has been  depicted as such on the big screen. Stark had to go through a few models before making his famous suit, which really got the recognition it deserved, starting with “Iron Man 2.”

Stark’s Mark IV, Mark VI and Football suits are so cool and come with so much gadgetry, but the mobile suit was significantly less powerful. In the “Avengers” film, Stark seemingly fixed that problem with the Mark VII, which came in a pod and would wrap around him, mid-conflict. In “Iron Man 3,” he ends up making a whole legion of suits that take down a group of adversaries. His main suit throughout the film in the Mark 42, which has component parts that can be summoned from all over the world. However, it, and all of the other suits end up self-destructing as part of the “clean slate” protocol.
In “Age of Ultron,” Stark dawns the Mark 43, which can be upgraded to the Mark 44 when larger opponents need to be taken on. Suffice to say, Stark is great at constructing amazing animatronic suits — and we’re excited to see what he has  up his sleeve in “Infinity War.”

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