Is Spider-Man the New Superhero Standard?


Moose got his hands on “Marvel’s Spider-Man” for PS4 and weighs in on whether it lives up to the 36-year legacy of Spider-Man games! Disclosure: Review copy provided free by PlayStation.

We are certainly no strangers to Spider-Man here on NowThis Nerd, and after our exhaustive history of Spider-Man games on Playing With Powers, we were more excited than ever to check out this Sony PlayStation 4 game. “Spider-Man PS4” is the latest in a long line of Spider-Man games, and from the open world gameplay to the spectacular story, the game has definitely impressed us.

Any Spider-Man PS4 review would have to answer some basic questions: How does the overall gameplay feel? Is the gameplay up to snuff with previous Spider-Man gameplay, or has it been simplified to the point of lameness? It wouldn’t be a Spider-Man review if we didn’t address the combat either, and so far our impressions are pretty positive. Reviews are in, and the verdict is that the video game has met our lofty expectations. Our game review explores how the Spider-Man gameplay feels, and sums up if it’s worth grabbing a copy. So strap in because we’ve got a lot to cover.