How to Kill the Creeper

Jeepers Creepers stars one of the most mysterious and malevolent monsters in horror movie history, but have no fear, because Kya Quinn is here to tell you how to kill the Creeper.

The Jeepers Creepers series is some of the most creepy, scary horror movies you can imagine, largely due to the strength of its mysterious monster — the creature known as the Creeper. Origins are murky for this truck driving terror, but of all the things we need to see the creature explained, how to kill it is high on the list.

Throughout Jeepers Creepers 1, Jeepers Creepers 2, and Jeepers Creepers 3, the origins of the Creeper are shrouded in mystery. But as the Jeepers Creepers 3 ending explained, we may finally learn the secret of the creature in Jeepers Creepers 4 — that is, if it ever gets made. The Creeper as racked up a pretty impressive body count, but the Jeepers Creepers trailer only explains half the story. Although the Creeper is one of the most powerful forces in all of horror film history, NowThis nerd Kya may be able to help you figure out exactly how to exterminate it. So, get ready to get terrified, while learning some valuable survival skills.


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