NYCC 2018: Hex Wives Creators Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo

We interviewed Hex Wives creators Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo at NYCC 2018 about their upcoming supernatural series, and trying to live up to Vertigo’s legacy.

At New York Comic Con 2018, we interviewed the co-creators of “Hex Wives,” the new series about suburban witches from artist Mirka Andolfo and “Thrilling Adventure Hour” co-creator Ben Blacker that will be part of DC comics Vertigo comics relaunch. The new DC Vertigo relaunch is building on the legacy of Vertigo DC comics that began 25 years ago, and at NYCC 2018, we conducted interviews with some of the most exciting creators of new comic books coming from the new Vertigo.

The new comic “Hex Wives,” inspired by a famous TV witch, plays on the imbalance of power that exists between men and women, and based on the preview we’ve seen, the comic book will be a twisted take on suburbia and the supernatural.

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