Pokemon: The Gold (and Silver) Standard

Today on Nerd, Andrew looks back at his favorite Pokemon game to find lessons that Sword and Shield could learn from!Pokemon Sword and Shield, the latest step in the evolution of Pokemon is making Pokemon history by being the first Pokemon RPG game released for an HD console, the Nintendo Switch. For Pokemon, Switch could be the game changer that forever alters Pokemon evolution and Pokemon history, but from the first view of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer, fans have been in an uproar about perceived changes to the Pokemon formula. Andrew’s Pokemon Sword and Shield review is unsullied by the controversy of Dexit, he really enjoyed the game, but to him, it still doesn’t touch the amazing Pokemon Gold and Silver. Any new Pokemon has to live up to its amazing legacy, and as we learned from the response to the Pokemon Sword Shield trailer, fans have extremely high expectations. In the world of video games, it’s not neccesary to have the appeal of Pokemon explained, from the adorable antics of Pikachu to the groundbreaking Pokemon Go, the series’ impact on gaming cannot be denied. Game Freak and Nintendo have created a monster out of their monsters, and while Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are amazing games, there’s always room for improvement.

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