Populating the OASIS: Character Design in Ready Player One

For over two years, the artists at Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) have been building the characters for the recently released “Ready Player One.”

The movie relies heavily on motion-capture performances because about 60% of the film takes place in “The Oasis” — a fictional world that exists inside a video game where characters go to escape their dystopian reality. Motion capture is the same technology that turned Andy Serkis into Caesar from Planet of the Apes and Snoke from Star Wars. It uses special technology to capture facial features so that they can be manipulated. But what also helped create the movie’s magic was the Aaron Sims Creative team, who built the awesome creatures and characters depicted in the digital world.

“’Ready Player One,’ is another cool Steven Spielberg project that we had the honor to work on,” explained ASC’s CEO and founder Aaron Sims. “The 80s was another aspect of a lot of these iconic characters that production got the rights to use. There’s Freddy Krueger, there’s aliens, there’s the Iron Giant, you know, so many video game characters. So, we helped create the look of that, that would still be unique, but still be those characters that are remembered for the film.”

The team has worked so hard to create the characters in the "Ready Player One" oasis, and their final products are a beautiful tribute to pop culture.

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