Stephen King's It: Was It Worth the Wait?

Just like Pennywise, ‘It’ has returned from a 27 year slumber with a brand new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel. Kya Quinn dives into the Deadlights to give you the full story of how the remake came to be.


Stephen King’s It is one of the most terrifying novels in horror history, and the new It 2017 movie looks like an incredible new take on the classic book. The full It book is over 1,100 pages long and weighs four pounds, so it was an arduous task to adapt the 1986 Stephen King novel into a movie. ABC tried in 1990 with the 1990 It movie - to be more precise, It was made into a 1990 miniseries for TV, starring the incredible Tim Curry as Pennywise, the killer clown of all our nightmares. It’s almost impossible to overstate how chilling and amazing the Tim Curry Pennywise is. Without any fancy prosthetics, he managed to turn a childhood fantasy into a feared monstrosity, based solely on the performance of Pennywise by Tim Curry.


The It 2017 remake almost never happened. The new It movie started development in 2009, and True Detective director Cary Fukunaga was attached to the film. Unfortunately, this Stephen King It movie never came to fruition since Cary Fukunaga had problems with the studio’s demands. It 2017 was almost directed by the Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things. It has another connection to Stranger Things, since star Finn Wolfhard was cast as Richie Tozier in Steven King’s It before the Duffer Bros. could cast him as Mike. Stephen King, Stranger Things and It all have a common DNA, but the Duffers never got the chance to directly adapt Stephen King’s It before Andres Muschietti took over the project. He cast Bill Skarsgard as It, and kept Finn Wolfhard. It 2017 is going to be a two-part spectacle, with the first movie taking the official title of It Part 1: The Losers Club. The It trailer is incredible, and early It reviews are amazing. It looks like Stephen King’s It movie 2017 is going to be a worthy successor to Stephen Kings It novel and Stephen Kings It movie 1990.