The CRISPY Creature Design of Rampage

The NowThis Nerd team is back at Aaron Sims Creative with a look at the genetically-engineered creature design of ‘Rampage.’

The Rampage movie 2018 had some pretty impressive digital effects, but all the FX, VFX, and everything else you’d see in a CGI Breakdown wouldn’t be possible without some dynamic creature design. In this featurette, the team will take a look at the making of Rampage monsters from Aaron Sims Creative. Behind the scenes, a lot of thought and effort went into the film, and our making of featurette explores the philosophy behind the design of George, Lizzie and Ralph. 

Before the kaiju were handing off to Weta Digital for the visual effects, the foes of Dwayne the Rock Johnson had to be painstakingly designed. Using inspiration from cutting edge gene-editing techniques and 3D printing, the artists at ASC we able to design some terrifying creatures to battle the Rock. Dwayne Johnson, Rampage, and the three monsters were a force to be reckoned with this summer, but none of it would have been possible without the hard-working crew at ASC. So, check out Nowthis’ interviews with some of the Aaron Sims Creative staff has they explain how they made the Rampage monsters come to life.

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