The Design Evolution of Nick Fury

Carol Danvers might be the star of ‘Captain Marvel,’ but her second banana played by Samuel L. Jackson might just steal the show. Colonel Nick Fury is one of Marvel comics’ most experienced heroes, and throughout his history, he’s been behind the scenes at SHIELD orchestrating some of the most important events in the MCU. From his origin in World War II to his eye loss, all the way up to the new “Nick Fury Jr” in mainline Marvel canon, his evolution is a complex tale.

Fury and his Agents of Shield are responsible for more than just the Avengers, and up until the moment of his death, he’s been pulling the strings of nearly the entire Marvel Universe. . From his original cameo scene to his pivotal role in “Infinity War” and beyond, the evolution of Nick Fury, then and now, has been more spectacular than any superhero, and every trailer, clip and scene we’ve seen of 2019 “Captain Marvel” has us excited to learn more about where he came from.

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