The Evolution of Captain America's Costume

Superheroes always seem to look their best, especially Captain America, who is the living embodiment of the American Flag.

He’s one of history’s most endearing superheroes, considering that his costume is a literal symbol America. In 1940, World War II had been raging on for a year, but America was largely uninvolved until Pearl Harbor. The comic industry also shied away from wartime politics, but Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were determined to highlight the atrocities going on overseas and create a hero that would fight for freedom and embody the American dream no matter what.

Today’s Captain America actually doesn’t look too different from Joe Simon’s original sketch, save for the iconic round shield that didn’t appear until issue two.

During the Watergate scandal the comic book industry created their own political shakeup in the form of “The Nomad” the identity that Captain America adopted after he felt that his country had betrayed him. After that, a few different heroes dawned the red white and blue outfit, including Sam Wilson in 2014 who added a patriotic paint job to his falcon suit. It seems that, regardless of time, place, and political circumstance, Captain America’s uber patriotic look remains iconic.

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