The Evolution of Deadpool's Costume

There's no hero quite like Deadpool — and here's why he's got one of the most badass costumes of all time.

Wade Wilson is the snazziest superhero we’ve seen in a long time, and on this episode of Yellow Spandex, Dev Allen takes us through the evolution of Deadpool’s killer costume.

The merc with a mouth has already made an impact on superhero cinema with the first Deadpool movie — and with Deadpool 2 about to explode into theaters, we’re taking a look at the evolution of his aesthetic, then and now. History shows that Deadpool evolution is limited to the traditional red and black costume and mask, but the suit that we know and love from all the Deadpool cosplay is actually a take on a DC character named Deathstroke. 

That’s a fairly well-known piece of trivia, and Deadpool facts and fiction have incorporated his suspicious resemblance to Spider-Man and Slade. Throughout the Marvel comics, Wade Wilson had encountered dozens of alternate Deadpools, like Gwenpool, Ladypool, Kidpool, and the entire Deadpool Corps. He is clearly a lot more than just a merc with a mouth — he’s a sassy fashion icon, and he’s got one of the coolest costumes in movie history.

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