The Evolution of Doctor Octopus

When it comes to Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus is one of the most feared foes in the entire rogues gallery. Dr. Octopus combines the worst of a brilliant mind and blinding power — few villains have managed to break Spider-Man down the way Otto Octavius has. Doctor Ock has shown a surprising willingness to change with the times. When it comes to battling Spider-Man, he has had his hands full over the years, but outside of the Marvel comics, he has only had a few chances to shine.

Doctor Octopus has appeared in cartoons going all the way back to the ‘60s “Spider-Man” cartoon, and various animated series, but the most impressive appearance has to be in the legendary film “Spider-Man 2,” where the good Doctor was portrayed by Alfred Molina. Finally, we’ve come to the main event, and frankly, the real reason we made this video: Marvel’s “Spider-Man PS4.” The game kept Ock’s appearance under wraps for a long time, but as we quickly learned from every amazing scene we could get our hands on, he has a huge role to play in the game. This video will contain minor spoilers for the Spider-Man PS4 ending, but we couldn’t resist talking about what could be the coolest interpretation of Doc Ock yet.

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