The Evolution of the Doctor from 'Doctor Who'

In light of the brand new “Dr. Who,” It’s the perfect opportunity to hop in the TARDIS and look back at how the Time Lord has changed over the years.

The First Doctor, as portrayed by William Hartnell, was rude, impatient, and had an air of superiority to him, which his elegant Edwardian suit matched to a t. We later learned that Time Lords have the ability to reform their physical body in response to injury, trauma, or old age. So when the First Doctor collapsed after saving the world from Cybermen, he was reborn with a more youthful appearance and whimsical personality.

Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor was more light-hearted and fun than the original incarnation, but the actor quickly grew fed up with the workload of a weekly series, so he was replaced by Jon Pertwee as the aristocratic Third Doctor.

More modern seasons took “Doctor Who” to new heights of worldwide fame. Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor has the dubious honor of having the shortest tenure of any Time Lord, and the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, was the height of mid-2000s geek chic. The Eleventh Doctor’s signature accessory was his beloved bowties — in fact, the last thing he does before he regenerates is remove it, allowing Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor to start fresh with his own identity.

Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor might be taking the Time Lord in a completely new direction, but her colorful wardrobe is harkening back to the beloved ‘80s era, with baggy blue culottes, a light-colored coat, and suspenders over a rainbow-striped shirt. However, only time will tell how long Whittaker lasts before the next generation.

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