The Evolution of Wolverine’s Costume

From the original comic book’s yellow spandex to Hugh Jackman’s leather-clad look, here’s the costume evolution of Marvel’s Wolverine.

In this highly-requested ‘Yellow Spandex,’ Kya Quinn takes a look at the killer Canadian who inspired the series in the first place.
As the breakout star of the X-Men, Wolverine has appeared in hundreds of Marvel comics, cartoons, games, and movies over the course of history. His wardrobe journey began in the ‘70s, with his initial yellow and blue design from John Romita. It then made a few deviations before returning to the original aesthetic.

But the X-Men movies have always shied away from the yellow spandex — in fact, they made it a joke. So sadly, we have never gotten to see Hugh Jackman’s Logan running around in tights and a mask. Although the Australian actor has done a superb job playing the troubled hero, his outfit has never mirrored Wolverine’s dramatic comic book costume. Instead we were stuck with the lousy leather jumpsuit established in the first X-Men movie, that has largely gone unchanged since then.

NowThis Nerd’s Kya has never been a fan, and she hopes that in the future, the Wolverine movies will have a more appropriate costume.

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