The Far Cry Movie Time Forgot

The “Far Cry” series has always exceeded in making memorable gaming moments. It’s fifth installment follows that trend. But the game’s release begs for a nostalgic look back at the forgotten “Far Cry” movie, which was released in 2008.

The games themselves are hard to categorize and no two really look alike. Almost every single one would make a great movie, except for the first one — which is of course what the “Far Cry” movie is based off of. The game is less “Apocalypse Now” and more “James Bond,” and challenges you to infiltrate an island controlled by a mad scientist. Nothing about the film really feels like a video game and this is because of director Uwe Boll.

Boll was in charge of many video game-based flops. Most of his adaptations disregard the games they’re taken from, but “Far Cry” at least sticks pretty close to the source material. However, it lacks the beautiful landscapes that the movie is known for. In fact, none of the movie really reflects the insane rumored budget it took to produce it. The humor is also horrible, with plenty of unfunny one-liners that couldn’t be saved no matter who said them. Overall, there was a lot of potential for “Far Cry” to be a great movie, but Boll did it no justice.

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