The Game Awards and The History of Video Game Award Shows

With the 2019 Game Awards are just around the corner, Moose takes a look at the history of video game awards shows and why The Game Awards might be our best hope yet!The Game Awards 2019 is rapidly approaching, and all eyes in the world of gaming are eagerly anticipating the results of the most prestigious game awards show in history. The Game of the Year 2019 race is tighter than ever, as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and the world of PC games all vie for the honor of being GOTY 2019. As we look back on the best games of 2019, and reminisce on all the amazing memories we made with the Game Awards nominees, whether on Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, it’s easy to remember a time before TGA 2019, when we didn’t have a videogame awards show that wasn’t extremely embarrassing. From the original Cybermania ‘94 to the Spike Video Game Awards, or VGA, it wasn’t very long ago that that Game Awards shows were little more than a cringeworthy series of commercials. Geoff Keighley has worked hard to elevate The Game Awards to something gamers can be proud of, and as we await all the bombshell announcements and wait to see which of the Game Awards 2019 nominations win the gold, we can reflect on the long road that led us to the current Game Awards.

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