The History of Spider-Man Games Part 4: 2008-2018


Throughout their history, Spider-Man games have had few things in common besides the titular superheroes. Spider-Man video games run a diverse spectrum of genres and generations, but the best ones capture the heart and humor of the character through high-flying gameplay. Whether he’s Peter Parker or Miles Morales, Spider-man is as much of a video game character and gaming icon on his own. Spider-Man, PS4 or no, is an enduring icon, and the evolution we’ve witnessed had us hyped about his new game since its trailer. But before we go there, we have a few more iconic games to run through first.

“Spider-Man Web of Shadows” introduced morality systems to the universe, and “Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions” opened up the world to four different incarnations of the character, which inspired the later comics and upcoming movie. But before we got there, we had to deal with the “Amazing Spider-Man” and the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” — the underwhelming movies that gave us a pair of just-okay games. From there, we were trapped in the mobile malaise for a while with games like “Spider-Man Unlimited.” When it comes to the most famous of all Marvel superheroes, Spider-Man takes the cake, and the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game is the culmination of 30 years of the evolution of games.

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