The Predator’s Most Peculiar Prey

By now, we’re all familiar with Predators, also known as the yautja — the race of interstellar warrior aliens who hunt the galaxy’s fiercest prey. But beyond the classic crossover “Aliens vs. Predator,” or AVP, the Predator has actually faced a wide range of targets.

Most of these crossovers come from Dark Horse Comics, who came up with the original “Predator vs.” concept and took it to the logical extreme. Their first intercompany crossover was with DC Comics, for the grudge match of the century: “Batman vs. Predator.” The company published three “Batman vs. Predator” comics, then branched out into conflicts with Superman as well as the entire Justice League.

The Predator also faced off against Britain’s greatest comics export, Judge Dredd and, after the judge of Mega City One put down the alien threat, the creature’s encounter with him remained series canon. The yautja has also faced off against Tarzan and other legendary heroes.

But the Predator’s most bizarre hunting ground of all might be Riverdale. Archie, Jughead, and the gang from “Archie Comics” and the “Riverdale” CW show all tangled with the Predator in one of the most horror inducing, goriest Archie crossovers imaginable.

With the upcoming release of “The Predator” movie, we can see that he’s not fighting any other IP beside plain old humans. And even though the fight won’t be an easy one, that’s still nothing compared to the icons he’s battled in the past. While we may never see an official “Batman vs. Predator,” especially after Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2018, the fan film “Batman Dead End” gives us an intriguing glimpse into what an onscreen Predator crossover might really look like.

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