The True Story Behind 'The Shining'

Doctor Sleep, the long-awaited The Shining sequel from author Stephen King and director Mike Flanagan, is a unique experiment in the history of horror movies. The Stanley Kubrick Shining adaptation looms large over the production, the legendary scary movie that has spawned countless the Shining theories from folks desperate to understand the Shining ending and see the Shining explained. Beyond Room 237, the Stephen King Shining story has been a horror staple since the ‘80s, spawning dozens of The Shining theories as fans pore over every The Shining clip, The Shining scene and The Shining trailer for clues to the vision of the Stanley Kubrick Shining. Now, with the new Doctor Sleep movie, the question on everyone’s mind from the first Doctor Sleep trailer was: Would it follow The Shining movie, or The Shining book? As Doctor Sleep explained, it seems to be a hybrid of both, a melding of Ewan McGregor and Jack Nicholson, of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King, of 1980 and 2019.

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