The True Story of the Shazam Family

The hero formerly known as Captain Marvel had a long road to the movies, but with the release of “Shazam!,” the DCEU is finally getting to experience the world’s mightiest mortal. The Big Red Cheese, as the former Captain Marvel is lovingly known, was the first superhero to earn his own superhero movie, narrowly beating Superman and Batman to the punch. Shazam! was at one point the most popular superhero in the world, but throughout history, he was marred with copyright and trademark disputes with DC Comics. Still, the evolution of Shazam could not be hindered for long, and within a few decades, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, and the rest of the Marvel family were back on the newstands, and on tv.

Shazam’s evolution isn’t as drastic as some of his peers, because he’s never strayed too far from his origins. “Shazam!” explained the story of Billy Batston, his best friend Freddie Freeman, and the wonderful supporting cast introduced by the wizard also known as Shazam, and he’s still a mainstay of the DC universe. With the upcoming release of the “Shazam!” movie in 2019, Zachary Levi is stepping into the shoes of Billy Batson, along with Freddy Freeman and his new family. Every trailer, clip, and scene so far has gotten us excited for this family-friendly, fun take on the genre, and we can’t wait to see Levi tackle Black Adam in the future of the DCEU.

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