Twilight Zone: The True Story

“The Twilight Zone” might be the most influential TV show in sci-fi history. The classic Rod Serling creation changed the face of science fiction, horror, comedy, and television itself. The Twilight Zone was a game changer when it first debuted, and every subsequent reboot and remake is part of the rich tapestry of its legacy. Throughout “Twilight Zone” history, we’ve seen a movie, games and pinball machines made, as well as the theme park ride, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, leading all the way up to the new Jordan Peele Twilight Zone 2019 series on CBS All Access.

From the first trailer, and every subsequent clip and scene, we could not be more excited for the new “Twilight Zone” episodes coming, courtesy Jordan Peele. The spooky show explained so much about the human condition, about race and social issues, and through Rod Serling, it elevated the burgeoning medium of television into the powerhouse it is today.