Who The F*ck Is: X-Force?

Just in time for ‘Deadpool 2’, we’re diving into the origins and powers of the team of militant mutants that we know as X-Force.

The first Deadpool had so much action, dark humor and hijinks, that it’s hard to imagine improving off of that in the sequel. But Deadpool 2 manages to add to the narrative by introducing a lot of new mutants to its world, like the scarred and scary Cable, a futuristic frenemy of Deadpool, as a well as Domino, Shatterstar, Bedlam, Zeitgeist, and of course, the mild-mannered superhero Peter. But who or what exactly is X-Force? Explained in the video are the origins and powers of the mutants that make up X-Force, just in time for their big movie debut. 

The X-Men are an idealistic team fighting for mutant rights, but in the comics, X-Force is a team that does the dirty work the X-Men can’t. The Deadpool 2 trailer introduced us to the team of mutants created by Rob Liefeld for Marvel comics. There’s already an X-Force spinoff movie in the works, which will happen right before the Disney/Fox merger is scheduled to finalize. But until that happens, Deadpool 2, and all if its crazy antics will have to tide us over.

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