Why the Silent Hill Movie Worked

The “Silent Hill” movie, based on the legendary survival horror series by Konami, is way better than most video game movies. On this episode of Cut Scene, we’re diving into “Silent Hill 2006” to see what decisions Roger Avary and Cristophe Gans made that put it above most other video game movies. The “Silent Hill” series is scary, creepy, and unsettling, and the movies respected the source material enough to create a thoughtful, atmospheric film that took elements from the games. Your average movie review might have quibbles with the film, but compared to other video game adaptations of the era, it’s leaps and bounds better.

From Pyramid Head to the infamous nurses, you can feel the fear in every “Silent Hill” trailer, clip and scene. There are some obvious faults, like the forced Sean Bean subplot, but for the most part it’s a movie that honors the complex legacy of the games. However, the sequel, “Silent Hill Revelation,” failed to live up to its predecessor, even with the presence of Kit Harington.
Konami has been straying from its video game roots lately, but that never explained why it was so abruptly cancelled. If this is the “Silent Hill” ending, then at least it proved that video game movies don’t always have to be bad.

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