103-Year-Old Rose Torphy Becomes Junior Park Ranger at the Grand Canyon

This 103-year-old became a junior park ranger at the Grand Canyon.

Rose Torphy visited the Grand Canyon with her family in January 2019 and learned about the program while talking to staff in the gift shop.

Junior rangers learn about the park’s history and promise to protect all national parks and nature in their hometowns. The park service normally performs the swearing in, but the National Park Service was furloughed due to the government shutdown.  So the ceremony was carried out by the Grand Canyon Conservancy, the agency that funds the junior ranger program and runs the retail shop. She was also awarded the Scorpion Award, which is given to park-lovers over the age of 11 who do an activity book.

Torphy is reportedly a mom of three a grandmother of nine, great grandmother of 18, and great-great grandmother of 10.

“My parents taught me to care for the land but not all kids have that,” she stated on “Good Morning America.” “I’m happy to protect it for my great-children to visit one day.”

The Grand Canyon celebrates its 100-year anniversary on February 26.