12 Year Olds Charged After Another Student Ends Her Own Life

Two 12-year-olds were charged with cyberstalking, after a middle schooler took her own life. According to the Florida Times-Union, Gabriella “Gabbie” Green was one of five siblings. On January 10, she was found unresponsive in her home — a medical examiner later said that she died by hanging.

Friends and family divulged that she had been bullied online, so police looked through her social media and cell phone. This led them to a 12-year-old girl and boy, who both allegedly admitted to causing Green extreme emotional distress.

Police say the girl spread rumors online and in person but deleted incriminating messages after hearing that Gabbie had died.

The Panama City Beach Police Department Report stated, “Her actions consisted of starting rumors of the victim having [STDs], vulgar name-calling and threats to “expose” personal and sensitive details of the victim’s life.”

Gabbie apparently also video chatted the boy suspect and told him she had tried to hang herself. He encouraged her to “just do it” and hung up. After the alleged conversation, the boy did not alert parents or authorities about what he had heard.

Police say cyberbullying occurred at the time of Gabbie’s death, but investigation determined it wasn’t the sole cause.