600 Volunteer Dads Show Up for Young Kids

When a school event needed 50 volunteer dads, over 600 volunteers showed up. The Dade Middle School staff was worried that not enough fathers would show up for their ‘Breakfast With Dad’ event. So, they put out a call for help on Facebook, asking for up to 50 ‘stand in’ dads. But the message spread quickly, and nearly 600 volunteers showed up for the event.

According to Dallas News, these stand in dads ended up becoming mentors for the young men at the middle school, whose fathers could not attend the breakfast or are not present in their life at all. They did everything from talking about their careers to teaching the boys how to tie a tie.

“When a young person sees someone other than their teacher taking interest in them, it inspired them. That’s what we want to see happen,” explained the event’s organizer, Reverend Donald Parish Jr.

Having struggled with low test scores and inexperienced teachers in the past, the middle school has seen signs of improvement lately and is trying to get community leaders/organizations involved in their kids’ lives outside of the classroom. This event will hopefully be one of many successful mentoring experiences.