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Alex Banayan Interviewed Some of the Most Successful People Alive

This guy interviewed some of the world’s most successful people like Larry King, Steve Wozniak, and Lady Gaga.

“I was 18 years old, a freshman in college, and I was going through a life crisis.” he explained. “Not only did I not know what I wanted to do with my life, I had no idea how all the people who I looked up to how they did it. How did Bill Gates sell his first piece of software when nobody knew his name? How did Steven Spielberg become the youngest director in Hollywood History without a single hit under his belt?”

Alex and his friends came up with a list of people for him to interview and it took him five years to complete all of them. He then wrote about his experience in his new book “The Third Door.”

In 2010, before he began his interviews, he needed money to pay for his journey, so he came up with a crazy plan to hack “The Price is Right,” and ended up winning the whole Showcase Showdown.

The book chronicles the lessons he learned throughout his interviews.

“If anybody out there is trying to figure out who they are, one of the best things I learned is that don’t focus on your passion because that’s a very esoteric concept,” Alex explained. “Just ask yourself, what excites me?”