Detroit Artist Sheefy McFly Arrested for Painting Mural Commissioned by City

Detroit Artist Sheefy McFly was arrested for vandalism while painting a mural commissioned by the city.
The popular artist and musician was painting a mural for City Walls, a year-long beautification project sanctioned by the city, when officers pulled up. He said he explained to officers why the project was legal—a city official also showed up to vouch for him.
Still, the situation escalated and Sheefy McFly was arrested for alleged resisting and obstructing police, as well as an outstanding traffic warrant.
“It’s an oxymoron—doing something for the city and being arrested by the city,” he stated.
The artist said he spent 24 hours at the local detention center before being released. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, a city executive said there was a miscommunication between the city and Detroit PD.
“When we’re doing murals, we have a police lieutenant we work with to make sure surrounding precincts are aware that it’s a city-sponsored program, and the artists have permits,” they stated. “Unfortunately, some random officers who weren’t associated with the nearby precincts drove by and saw him and though it was an unauthorized action.”
Detroit is famously a hotbed for both legal and illegal street art.