Artist Zada Lam Gives Free Tattoos to Hong Kong Protesters

A Hong Kong tattoo artist is giving free tattoos to protesters after months of political unrest in the region.
28-year-old Zada Lam designed an image that is a combination of Hong Kong’s emblem and an umbrella, which was used as the symbol for protests in Hong Kong in 2014. 200 people are estimated to have gotten the tattoo since protests began in June.
“In fact, the main reason for this design is that there was a lot of things happened in Hong Kong in June,” he said. “During that time, I suddenly wanted to design this image.”
Hong Kong residents have taken to the streets since June, demanding their autonomy from the Chinese government and an inquiry into alleged police brutality during demonstrations. The protests have escalated into the biggest political crisis in the area since the British government gave Hong Kong back to mainland China in 1997.
“The main reason to get this bauhinia flower tattoo is because the bauhinia flower is the symbol of Hong Kong,” a protester explained. “As it is the logo of our regional flag, I want to tattoo the flower to reflect what happened recently and show my support for Hong Kong.”
Although millions have taken to the streets, not everyone can make it out to protest. Lam said tattoos are his way of giving back to the protesters.