Attorney Ben Crump Will Not Stop Fighting For Justice


Ben Crump, who represented the families of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice, will not stop his fight for justice.

“The horror of the criminal justice system in America is that Black lives are valued less,” the civil rights attorney stated. “And it’s not rhetoric. All you have to do it go look at the statistics and the real hard data. Black men make up 7% of the population in America, but yet we make up almost 50% of the population on death row.”

Crump cited the many instances in which police officers have killed Black suspects who weren’t armed and dangerous, but have also harmlessly seized white mass shooting suspects.

“After they assassinate our children physically, they then try to assassinate their character,” he explained. “All they have to say is the three magic words: I felt threatened. I felt in fear. They say, ‘Oh. Well, the police said he felt in fear. You can’t second guess him.’ So, it’s almost like legalized genocide of people of color.”

But despite the many instances of police brutality he’s had to prosecute, Crump remains vigilant in his fight for justice — and believes that the broken system won’t get fixed unless concerned people continue to fight.

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