Australian Same-Sex Couples Get Married

Some of the first ever same-sex marriages are being celebrated by happy couples in Australia this week. Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of same-sex marriage, which served as a victory for gay rights advocates and the general majority of citizens who wanted it enacted for years. And while it was technically legalized in early December, couples needed to wait 30 days after filing a notice of intended marriage. Several couples celebrated the milestone by getting married at the stroke of midnight — and one couple even got married on the steps of parliament.

Newlywed Kylie Caro commented on the happy occasion saying, “Legalizing our marriage says to our daughter that we’re accepted in the country that we’re raising her [in]. We want her to grow up knowing that we have, you know, people with open hearts and open minds in this country. We went her to know that her peers at school, their parents might now accept us as the family unit what we are.

Another newlywed, Luke Sullivan stated, “I’ve met the man of my dreams and I’ve met the love of my life. [Marriage is] that next expression of love and that next adventure on your relationship with anyone.”