Bahamas Receives Outpouring of Relief and Donations After Hurricane Dorian Hit

The Bahamas are seeing large-scale acts of goodwill following a devastating hit from Category 5 Hurricane Dorian.
Royal Caribbean promised to take approximately 43,000 bottles of water and 10,000 meals to the islands as part of their $1 million pledge towards Dorian relief efforts. The cruise line has also promised other relief supplies including generators, cleaning supplies, and towels.  American Airlines also joined relief efforts by filling a Bahamas-bound 737 with 14,000 pounds of supplies.
Actor Tyler Perry has been using his personal seaplane to bring children in need of medical care back to the U.S., and has reportedly been packing his plane with diapers, sleeping bags, and drinks for island delivery. An anonymous donor has also reportedly spent $50,000 to send generators and other supplies to the islands.
The Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is joining in as well, saying they will transport food, water, and other supplies. They also offered to use the transportation ship to bring Bahamian residents who had been stuck in Florida during the hurricane back to the Bahamas. Another one of their ships previously brought more than 1,500 evacuees from the Bahamas to Florida to escape the peak of the storm.
Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm on September 1. It left more than 70,000 people homeless in the Bahamas.