Bee Saviour Card Contains Sugar to Save Exhausted Bees in Need of Food

These cards hold sugar to save an exhausted bee’s life. A bee’s metabolism is fast and it could die if they don’t find food within 40 minutes of their last meal. The Bee Saviour card contains a tiny drop of a sugar solution that will give a bee enough energy to fly on and find food. It’s important to note that reviving bees with sugar solution is a last resort that should only be used for an exhausted bee. The best option if you find a tired or dying bee is to move it to a flower. The card exists in case there aren’t any flowers nearby. The Bee Saviours Card was designed by UK-based Dan Harris. Each card contains three servings of sugar solution. What’s more, if you use up all the solution you can return the card to be refilled. They’re made from recycled old plastic cards that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Th bee population has been on the decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and other factors. They play an essential role in pollinating flowers, plants, and crops. In 2010, bees helped pollinate $19 billion worth of crops in the U.S. alone. If they were to go extinct it’s estimated supermarkets would have half the amount of fruits and vegetables they have now and the world would struggle to sustain its population.