Beyond the Driving Ban in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia finally get to take their place behind the wheel.

In this episode of NowThis World, Alex Janin explores what was the last ban on women driving in the world, as she speaks to a human rights campaigner and a Saudi lawyer and entrepreneur - who recently got her own license - about how this move affects women, and whether more reforms are on the horizon.

The last women driving ban in the world ended on June 24, 2018 when women were allowed to go to driving school and get driver’s licenses. Human rights groups hailed it as a victory for women, but some have questioned the true motives behind the reform and whether it goes far enough in advancing women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

Many are handing the credit to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been hailed by prominent figures in Western Media as a reformer, emancipator of women, and more.

But we wanted to know - does his track record live up to the praise? Or is this just another way for him to consolidate power, considering he has also detained many women advocates who have been outspoken about equality and women’s rights.

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