Border Patrol Arrests Migrant Aid Worker

A group released these damning videos of Border Patrol officers destroying water jugs left in the desert for migrants. Shortly after this, one of its volunteers was arrested.

The group’s name is No More Deaths and they released the videos on January 17. They were used to supplement a report of theirs accusing border patrol officers of harassing volunteers and interfering with aid. Later that day, Border Patrol agents detained volunteer Scott Warren based on a complaint that he was sheltering two migrants a “the barn,” which is a spot set up to help migrants after they cross into the U.S.

Warren allegedly took care of two men for approximately three days, and agents arrested all three of them after days of surveillance. Warren faces charges for harboring undocumented immigrants. His attorney finds the sudden raid of the barn suspicious, considering the timing with the videos.

He stated, “We don’t smuggle them, we don’t do anything to help them enter the [U.S], we do nothing illegal. This place that they raided is not in the middle of the desert, it’s not hidden anywhere. It’s in the city of Ajo and it’s been used for a long time, not so help smuggle migrants, but to give medical care and food and water.”

Warren was later released on his own recognizance.