Boston Police Stop and Question Black Man for Walking Down the Street

A Black man appeared to be stopped by police just for walking. The footage shows the officer questioning the man about where he’s going. When the man says he’s going to the barber shop, the cop presses, claiming that his hair already looked groomed. He then goes on to ask him about his phone and his afternoon plans, as if trying to crack him in some fashion.

The 25-year-old Black man, identified as Keith Antonio, said he had just gotten out of an Uber and truly was on his way to a barber shop, when he noticed police sitting in a car starting at him. He said that, after previous encounters with police, he knew to get his phone ready to start recording.

The officer in the video has been identified as Zachary Crossen, a member of the department’s Youth Violence Strike Force. The confrontation starting when he asked if Antonio was someone named “Kevin,” and continued to question him after he said no.

The police spokesperson said the officers were keeping an eye on a house “known for gun activity” and that Antonio was “known to police,” as he had previous minor charges.

Boston’s police commissioner met with Black community leaders after the incident and said that Crossen was being “counseled.” Despite this, activists say this is nothing new and that this instance is one of many racially-profiled confrontations that police create.    

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