In This Together: Business Owner Turns Tattoo Parlor Into Essential Supplies Hub

Micah Harold started collecting sanitation supplies at his store, Red Handed Tattoo, back in March after noticing that other people were unable to purchase vital PPE in other stores. 

“The first thing that I noticed were the toilet paper hoarder, and I, and I thought to myself, ‘what a crummy thing to do.’ And then I noticed all the people who are going without mostly elderly and immunocompromised that couldn't get these basic supplies. Well, being a tattooer, I had access to sanitation supplies, disinfection, autoclaves, everything to do with fighting disease,” he explained. “And when I, once I got them, though, I said, here you go. You can have it for free. We started doing deliveries. We started taking food donations. We started taking money donations and it was a huge w it was, it became a hub.

Harold says keeping up with supply demands eventually became a challenge — but then people from his own community starting to get involved. 

“I had more people come forward to help volunteer with their time and help make deliveries. So I don't think I could have done it if it weren't for them,” he said. “

Harold says helping others and being kind is something that has been passed down by his family and a lesson he will continue to pass on to his daughters.

We're a beacon of light for the people in the dark that are having a hard time finding their way around. And we have to express that kindness and compassion, even in the face of our own fears and insecurities,” he said. “And it's really that type of a frame of mind that, that mentality that's going to get us through the hard time.”

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