Colts Linebacker Darius Leonard Helps His High School Teacher Change Tire

NFL linebacker Darius Leonard stopped to change a woman flat tire and it turned out to be his high school biology teacher.

The Colts player was driving in his hometown on Easter when he saw a woman stranded on the side of the road. He stopped to help and quickly recognized the woman as his former high school teacher Martha Isbell.

Isbell had been on her way to church when her tire blew out.

“I was glad to see him because I knew I was safe with him there. He knew it was me.” she said. “If I had been a complete stranger, he still would have done it anyway. He cares enough to help anyone.”

Isbell posted a video of Leonard helping her on Twitter, which has been viewed more than 690,000 times. She said it was nice to see 23-year-old Leonard all grown up.

“Darius was finding himself at the time, so I was tough on him. He was the student that was kind of the class clown…” she said. “Darius does a lot for [our town]. We’re proud of him. You never know what your students are going to be as an educator. You just know you’ve got to give them all that you’ve got.”