Couple Survived Shooting in Jacksonville After Traveling to First Gaming Tournament


Marquis Williams and Taylor Poindexter went to Jacksonville for their first eSports tournament only to become survivors of gun violence.

The couple registered to compete in the Madden 19 NFL tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. The tournament was a milestone since a diagnoses kept Williams from paying last year.

“For me personally, last year I was diagnosed with leukemia,” he explained. “To actually get out there and compete against the guys I spent the last year idolizing and watching, it was a thing of beauty for me.”

The couple took a break from the action to eat. They thought they heard balloons popping before realizing it was the sound of gunfire. Poindexter fell to the ground during the rush and sprained her ankle, but Williams was able to circle back and help her get out. They say, despite the harrowing experience, they will still continue gaming.

“A tragedy like this is not gonna stop me from doing something I’m passionate about” said Poindexter. “You do whatever it takes to fulfill a goal or something that you really, truly care about.”

“You’re unfortunately part of this fraternity of people who have been involved in a mass shooting,” said Williams.

Two profession gamers died during the shooting; 27-year-old Taylor Robertson and 22-year-old Elijah Clayton.  

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