Court Orders Latin American Nations To Legalize Marriage Equality

A Latin American human rights court ruled that the countries it oversees should ensure same-sex couples have the same family and financial rights as heterosexual couples — despite opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

“The fact that the Inter-American court has said that it’s a human right, that not only heterosexual couples should be protected — it seems fundamental to me.” Explains same-sex marriage activist Marco Castillo. “It is something that allows us to move forward and now it’s irreversible.”

Some already recognize same-sex marriages of same-sex civil unions. But Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru don’t recognize either and are expected to change their laws. The court recommends governments pass temporary decrees while they pursue permanent laws.

The ruling was in response to a petition by Costa Rica two years ago — and the country is celebrating the decision:

"Today our country reaffirms the inescapable commitment to welcome, respect, and comply with the entirety of this standard, which was given by the court at the specific request of Costa Rica.” Stated Costa Rica’s Vice President, Ana Helena Chacon. With countries like Australia also adjusting their legislation in favor of same-sex marriages, it seems like global acceptance is eminent.