Trauma Surgeon Dr. Marie Crandall Treated Victims of the Deadly Jacksonville Shooting

“Two of the [six victims admitted] had extremity gunshot wounds which can be disabling but are not as frequently life-threatening,” she explained. “Four of the six had potentially very life-threatening injuries [in] their chest and their bellies. So we needed very rapid evaluation of those patients by putting them on monitors, by getting blood, by putting in IVs, and by getting X-rays.”

Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson were killed and at least 11 people were injured by a player at a video game competition, who then turned the gun on himself.

In this incident, police say the suspect used at least one handgun. Six of the victims at University of Florida Health are now in stable condition.  

“There are mental health issues — depression, suicidality — in other countries but virtually all of our excess risk of homicides and suicides are attributed to firearms because we have impulsivity plus lethality of means and it’s so easy to use such a highly lethal instrument, that’s why people die,” said Dr. Crandall.

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