First Responders Around the World Take Part in #TetrisChallenge

Emergency responders worldwide are doing the #TetrisChallenge. It involves laying out in an arrangement known online as “knolling.” Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles.
The challenge was started by a police department in Switzerland, which posted a well-arranged photo to its social media.
“Every Sunday I post an exciting, nice or funny picture from the police everyday life on Facebook and Instagram,” Zurich Police Department Press Officer Rebecca Tilen told the Guardian. The photograph was taken during a department open day. We had issues such a police car and spread the contents next to it. Two policemen then had the idea to join a well.”
Soon, other emergency responders in Switzerland began to recreate the photo. The challenge caught on and quickly spread worldwide.
It’s also not the first-time emergency responders have challenged each other on social media. They’ve also challenged each other in the #LipSyncChallenge and the #GitUpChallenge.
The Swiss police behind the #TetrisChallenge say it can do good.
“Since the challenge, our number of followers has once again increased and so our prevention campaign and our witnesses searches have more reach, which is good,” Tilan said.